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Its about time a show is being done suporting an educational hobby

I really think this show is great and should have been around years ago. It helps support the hobby, the vendors and the educational aspects of the hobby. Keep up the terific work.

Awesome information in a great show

I learn something from every episode. Really well produced and enjoyable. For anyone who loves Rocketry, this show is for you!


A really good show for model rocketeers!

Awesome podcast

Great podcast for new, experienced, or prospective rocketeers.

Great Show

I always learn something useful. Nice to get news of other rocketeers.

Excellent rocket info and entertainment!!!

I give it a rating of 5 nosecones up!

A Joy to Listen to

A diverse range of topics, but always informative and entertaining. A must listen for anyone in the amateur rocketry community, beginner to expert flier. Keep up the great work, guys.

The Podcast we needed. The heroes we all deserved.

I remember thinking a few years back when I first started listening to podcasts, "there ought to be a rocketry one." At long last we have one, and it is better than I could have expected. Having three guys from different rocketry backgrounds makes a nice combo and I have been impressed so far with the interviews they've been able to get. I saw their booth at LDRS 34 and made a mental note to check them out. If I happen to see them at the next show I attend, I'll have to stop by as I am now a big fan.


Great podcast guys! I could listen all day, every day. Keep the episodes coming!

Very informational

This hobby is alive and well.

Entertaining and Inspiring!

Great information for rocketeers of all skill levels. I play these in my workshop when building to help entertain and inspire me!

Greate show

If you are into Rocketry, this is a POD cast fro you! Every show has something I learn or at least ready enjoy hearing about. Much better than talk radio for the drive to work.

Finally a podcast for the rocketry hobbyist!

Professional and entertaining with an eye on the history of the hobby, safety and current space news. A young podcast that's off to a great start and has plenty of potential to grow. Thank you!

Great new podcast for a fun hobby!

I'm really excited that someone is doing a model rocketry related podcast. Still early days in the show (only 5 episodes so far,) but sounds like "Woosh" and "Boom" have some good stuff in store for future episodes.